Close Approach of Asteroid Toutatis

Asteroid 4179 Toutatis made a close approach to Earth on 12/12/2012 at a distance of 4.3 million miles (18 lunar distances). This image was taken 3 days later at prime focus on the 12" f/10 SCT at Makemie Woods using a Canon 60Da, 2 minute exposure at ISO 1000.

ISS Solar Transit 7/25/2012

8.4MB animated gif
09:31 EDT on 7/25/2012 with Canon 60D movie in 640x640 crop manual mode, 127mm f/7.5 APO refractor, Solar filter, 1/4000th sec at ISO 100

Venus Transit 2012

Road trip to Gainesboro, TN in search of clear skies and we were rewarded for our efforts!

Venus just after 2nd contact, 127mm APO with white light solar filter and solar continuum 540nm filter (green)

Mark stretched some DA-LITE fabric over the end of a funnel and used eyepiece projection for this view

H alpha view taken through the 60mm SolarMax

Transit projected on paper using the Sunspotter
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ATREX Mission launched Mar 27, 2012

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Lunar X observed Jan 30, 2012

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Mark almost nabbed a SN discovery!

M51 supernova

Del and Mark capture an ISS solar transit

Image loop showing 4 frames of ISS transit across Sun

ISS ground track
Ground track from Heavens Above
ISS track across Sun
Starry Night Pro simulation of ISS transit