Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy on 12/28/2014

Stack of five 15-second exposures with a pocket camera (Panasonic DMC-ZS19 set for ISO 800, f/5, zoomed to 41mm focal length) steadied through my sunroof opening. Parked at latitude 28 0.157' N, longitude 81 48.898' W just off Thornhill Rd in Polk Co., FL (near Auburndale) on Dec 28, 2014 around 10:55 pm EST. Sirius is the bright star to left of center and the small coma of comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy is visible in Lepus just east of 5th magnitude star HIP25045 a little above the tops of the palm trees and right of center in the gap between them. Although the 5th magnitude comet is very near and just below the 8th magnitude globular cluster M79, the cluster is difficult to pick up amid the image noise.
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Added: 1/3/2015

Mars-Comet Siding Spring Encounter 10/19/2014

Mars and Comet Siding Spring had their closest encounter at 230pm EDT but we had to wait until the skies got dark before we could capture them. Taken at Makemie Woods using the 12" f/10 at prime focus.
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Added: 10/20/2014

Total Lunar Eclipse 10/8/2014

This eclipse began the totality phase after Nautical twilight for observers on the US East Coast, so the skies were getting lighter while the Moon was getting darker. Mark observed the eclipse from NASA Langley while Del stayed at home and observed from his patio.
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Added: 10/18/2014

Milky Way 5/24/2014

On the evening of May 23-24 the Langley Skywatchers camped out at Makemie Woods looking for the new "May Camelopardalid" meteor shower. The evening started out with variable clouds and an occasional thunderstorm on the southern horizon, and even a few drops of rain were felt by some. Eventually we were rewarded for our perseverence with excellent dark skies after midnight, just in time for the predicted peak between 2 and 4am. While the lack of visible meteors was disappointing, the view of the Milky Way more than made up for it. Here is one example taken by Del using a tripod mounted Canon 60D with a 8mm f/3.5 lens, ISO 640, 10 second exposure. Severely enhanced using Photoshop CS6.
Added: 06/02/2014

Total Lunar Eclipse 4/15/2014

This series of three images was taken before, at, and after totality (3:46am EDT) through gaps in a rather dense cloud cover using my tripod mounted Canon 60D with zoom lens set to 300mm f/5.6.
Added: 06/02/2014