Mark's and Del's Library

TitleAuthorPublisher, Date
Charts and Atlases
Uranometria 2000.0 Deep Sky Atlas (Vol 1, Northern Hemisphere)Tirion, Rappaport, RemaklusWillmann-Bell, 2001
Uranometria 2000.0 Deep Sky Atlas (Vol 2, Southern Hemisphere)Tirion, Rappaport, RemaklusWillmann-Bell, 2001
Uranometria 2000.0 (Vol 3, Deep Sky Field Guide)Tirion, Rappaport, RemaklusWillmann-Bell, 2001
The Revised New General Catalogue of Nonstellar Astronomical ObjectsSulentic and TifftU of AZ Press, 1973
The Night Sky Observer's Guide (Vol 1, Autumn and Winter)Kepple and SannerWillmann-Bell, 2002
The Night Sky Observer's Guide (Vol 2, Spring and Summer)Kepple and SannerWillmann-Bell, 2002
The Night Sky Observer's Guide (Vol 3, The Southern Skies)Cooper, Kay, KeppleWillmann-Bell, 2008
A Catalogue of Southern Peculiar Galaxies (Vol 1, Positions and Descriptions)Arp and MadoreCambridge University Press, 1987
A Catalogue of Southern Peculiar Galaxies (Vol 2, Seleted Photographs)Arp, Madore, RobertonCambridge University Press, 1987
A Master List of Nonstellar Optical Astronomical ObjectsDixon and SonnebornOhio State University Press, 1980
Sky Catalogue 2000.0 (Vol 1, Stars to Magnitude 8.0)Hirshfeld and SinnottSky Publishing, 1982
SkyAtlas 2000TirionSky Publishing, 1981
Pocket Sky AtlasSinnottSky Publishing, 2006
DeepMap 600TirionOrion, 1999
Falkauer Photographic Star AtlasVehrenbergTreugesell-Verlag, 1972
The Hubble Atlas of GalaxiesSandageCarnegie Institute, 1962
Atlas of Galaxies Useful for Measuring the Cosmological Distance ScaleSandage, Bedke, at al.NASA, 1988
A Spectroscopic Atlas of Bright StarsMartinSpringer, 2010
The Cambridge Double Star AtlasMullaney and TirionCambridge University Press, 2009
Observing Guides
Secrets of StargazingRamotowskiSky Publishing, 2007
The Year-Round Messier Marathon Field GuideHarvard PenningtonWillmann-Bell, 1997
Atlas of the Messier Objects, Highlights of the Deep SkyStoyan, Binnewies, Friedrich, SchroederCambridge University Press, 2008
Deep Sky WondersHoustonSky Publishing, 1999
Astronomy With BinocularsMuirdenCrowell, 1979
Binocular AstronomyCrossen and TirionWillmann-Bell, 1992
Binocular HighlightsGary SeronikNew Track Media, 2006
A Year in the Life of the UniverseRobert GendlerVoyageur Press, 2006
Celestial SamplerSue FrenchSky Publishing, 2005
Observing and Photographing the Solar SystemDobbins, Parker, and CapenWillmann-Bell, 1988
The Planet Observer's HandbookPriceCambridge University Press, 2000
Guide to Observing Deep Sky Objects, A Complete Global Resource for AstronomersFarinacciSpringer, 2008
1,001 Celestial Wonders to See Before You Die, The Best Sky Objects for Star GazersBakichSpringer, 2010
The Observing Guide to the Messier Marathon, A Handbook and AtlasMachholzCambridge University Press, 2002
Astronomy Hacks, Tips and Tools for Observing the Night SkyThompson and ThompsonO Reilly, 2005
The Night Sky Companion, A Yearly Guide to Sky-Watching 2009PlotnerSpringer, 2009
Supernovae and How to Observe ThemMobberleySpringer, 2007
Turn Left At Orion, A Hundred Night Sky Objects to See in a Small Telescope - and How to Find ThemConsolmagno and DavisCambridge University Press, 2008
Illustrated Guide to Astronomical WondersThompson and ThompsonO Reilly, 2007
Exploring the Night Sky with BinoculareMooreCambridge University Press, 2000
The Sky Is Your Laboratory, Advanced Astronomy Projects for AmateursBuchheimSpringer, 2007
The Deep Sky, An IntroductionHarringtonSky Publishing, 1997
Deep Sky Observer's GuideBoneFirefly, 2005
Galaxies and How to Observe ThemSteinicke and JakielSpringer, 2007
Star Clusters and How to Observe ThemAllisonSpringer, 2006
Nebulae and How to Observe ThemCoeSpringer, 2007
The Abell Planetary Observer's GuideHueyfaintfuzzies, 2007
Hickson Group Observer's GuideHueyfaintfuzzies, 2007
Observing the Arp Peculair GalaxiesHueyfaintfuzzies, 2007
365 Starry Nights, An Introduction to Astronomy for Every Night of the YearRaymoFireside, 1982
Cosmic Challenge, The Ultimate Observing List for AmateursHarringtonCambridge University Press, 2011
The Beginner's Observing GuideEnrightRoyal Astronomical Society of Canada, 2009
Field Guide to the Deep Sky ObjectsInglisSpringer, 2001
The 100 Best Astrophotography TargetsKierSpringer, 2009
CCD AstrophotographyStuartSpringer, 2006
Observer's Handbook 2008Kelly, Ed.Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 2008
Observer's Handbook 2009Kelly, Ed.Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 2008
Observer's Handbook 2010Kelly, Ed.Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 2009
Observer's Handbook 2011Kelly, Ed.Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 2010
Exoplanet Observing for AmateursBruce L. GaryReductionist Publications, 2009
The Local Galaxy Group & Galactic Neighborhood, Visual and CCD Observing GuideMcGown and MurrayAstronomical League,
Observe Herschel IIHuston and PrattAstronomical League, 2004
Galaxy Groups and Clusters, Visual and CCD Observing GuideMcGown and PaulAstronomical League, 2003
NightWatch, A Practical Guide to Viewing the UniverseDickinsonFirefly, 2003
Steve O'Meara's Herschel 400 Observing GuideO'MearaCambridge University Press, 2007
The Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, A Chronicle and Observer's GuideKanipe and WebbWillmann-Bell, 2006
The Caldwell ObjectsO'MearaSky Publishing, 2002
Observing the Caldwell ObjectsRatledgeSpringer, 2000
Stargazing, Astronomy Without a TelescopeMooreCambridge University Press, 2001
The Sky At NightMooreNorton, 1965
Hidden TreasuresO'MearaCambridge University Press, 2007
The Practical Astronomer's Deep-Sky CompanionGilmourSpringer, 2003
Patterns in the SkyHewitt-WhiteSky Publishing, 2006
The Modern MoonChuck WoodSky Publishing, 2003
Atlas of the MoonRuklSky Publishing, 2004
The Clementine Atlas of the MoonBussey and SpudisCambridge University Press, 2004
Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Near Side of the MoonBymeSpringer-Verlag, 1998
Atlas of the Lunar TerminatorWestfallCambridge University Press, 2000
Field Map of the MoonCookSpringer-Verlag, 1998
The Moon (wall chart)RuklSky Publishing, 1999
Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small TelescopesCherringtonDover, 1984
Geographic Features Watching Guide of the MoonMotomaro Shirao, 2009
The Kaguya Lunar AtlasShirao and WoodSpringer, 2011
The Map of the MoonRuklPlanetarium of Prague, 1999
Mapping MarsOliver MortonPicador, 2002
Roving MarsSteve SquyresHyperion, 2005
A Traveler's Guide to MarsWilliam K. HartmannWorkman Publishing, 2003
Visions of MarsOlivier de GoursecHarry N. Abrams, Inc., 2004
A Passion for MarsChaikinAbrams, 2008
Rocks From SpaceNortonMountain Press, 1998
Meteorites and Their Parent PlanetsMcSweenCambridge University Press, 1999
Thunderstones and Shooting StarsDoddHarvard University Press, 1986
Field Guide to Meteors and MeteoritesNorton and ChitwoodSpringer-Verlag, 2008
Digital Image Processing
A Guide to Astrophotography with Digital SLR CamerasLodrigussAstropix LLC, 2007
Making Every Pixel Count (Vol 1, CCD Image Processing in Photoshop)Adam BlockCaelum Observatory, 2007
Digital AstrophotographySeipRocky Nook, 2008
The New Astro Zone System for Astro ImagingRon WodaskiNew Astronomy Press, 2006
The New CCD AstronomyRon WodaskiNew Astronomy Press, 2002
The Handbook of Astronomical Image ProcessingBerry and BurnellWillmann-Bell, 2005
Photoshop AstronomyIrelandWillmann-Bell, 2005
Introduction to Digital AstrophotographyReevesWillmann-Bell, 2005
Digital Astrophotography, The State of the ArtRatledge, ed.Springer-Verlag, 2005
Introductory Astronomy & AstrophysicsZeilik and SmithCBS College Publishing, 1987
The Physical Universe, An Introduction to AstronomyShuUniversity Science Books, 1982
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of AstronomyParker, ed.McGraw-Hill, 1983
Universe, The Definitive Visual GuideRees, ed.DK Publishing, 2005
The New AstronomyHenbest and MartenUniversity of Cambridge, 1983
A Practical Guide to Lightcurve Photometry and AnalysisWarnerSpringer, 2003
Galaxies and Galactic StructureElmegreenPrentice Hall, 1998
Galactic AstronomyBinney and MerrifieldPrinceton, 1998
Galactic DynamicsBinney and TremainePrinceton, 2008
Theoretical Astrophysics - Vol I: Astrophysical ProcessesPadmanabhanCambridge University Press, 2000
Theoretical Astrophysics - Vol II: Stars and Stellar SystemsPadmanabhanCambridge University Press, 2001
Theoretical Astrophysics - Vol III: Galaxies and CosmologyPadmanabhanCambridge University Press, 2002
A Revised Shapely-Ames Catalog of Bright GalaxiesSandage and TammannCarnegie Institute, 1987
Observational AstronomyBirney, Gonzalez, OesperCambridge University Press, 2008
Astrophysical TechniquesKitchinCRC Press, 2009
Solar Astronomy HandbookBeck, Hilbrecht, Reinsch, VolkerWillmann-Bell, 1995
Stars and Their Spectra, An Introduction to the Spectral SequenceKalerCambridge University Press, 1989
Astronomical Photometry, A Text and Handbook for the Advnced Amateur and Professional AstronomerHenden and KaitchuckWillmann-Bell, 1990
Practical Amateur SpectroscopyTonkinSpringer, 2002
CosmosSaganRandom House, 1980
The Cosmic Century, A History of Astrophysics and CosmologyLongairCambridge University Press, 2007
The Fabric of the CosmosGreeneVintage Press, 2004
The Cosmos, Astronomy in the New MillenniumPasachoff and FilippenkoBrooks / Cole, 2007
Concepts of Contemporart AstronomyHodgeMcGraw-Hill, 1974
Introductory Astronomy and AstrophysicsSaundersSmith and Jacobs, 1973
Galactic Astronomy, Structure and KinematicsMihalas and BinneyFreeman, 1981
Supermassive Black Holes in the Distant UniverseBargerKluwer Academic Publishers, 2010
Tools of Radio AstronomyRohlfs and WilsonSpringer, 1996
Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology, An IntroductionSchneiderSpringer, 2010
Galaxies in the Universe, An IntroductionSparke and GallagherCambridge University Press, 2008
Foundations in Modern CosmologyHawley and HolcombOxford, 2006
Numerical Methods in Astrophysics, An IntroductionBodenheimer, Laughlin, Rozyczka, YorkeTaylor & Francis, 2007
Astronomical Formulae for CalculatorsMeeusWillmann-Bell, 1988
Allen's Astrophysical QuantitiesCoxSpringer, 2000
Astronomy: Principles and PracticeRoy and ClarkeInstitute of Physics, 2003
Lecture Tutorials for Introductory AstronomyPrather, Slather, Adams, BrissendenPearson Addison-Wesley, 2008
UniverseFreedman and KaufmannFreeman, 2008
Astrophysics is Easy! An Introduction for the Amateur AstronomerInglisSpringer, 2007
Observational AstrophysicsSmithCambridge University Press, 1995
Bang! The Complete History of the UniverseMay, Moore, LintottJohns Hopkins, 2007
The Data Book of AstronomyMooreInstitute of Physics, 2000
Astrophysics with a PC, An Introduction To Computational AstrophysicsHellingsWillmann-Bell, 1994
The Brightest Stars, Discovering the Universe Through the Sky's Most Brilliant StarsSchaafWiley, 2008
The Picture History of AstronomyMooreGrosset & Dunlap, 1967
OriginsTyson and GoldsmithNorton, 2004
The Handy Astronomy Answer BookLiuVisible Ink, 2008
Spectroscopy: The Key to the Stars, Reading the Lines in Stellar SpectraRobinsonSpringer, 2007
General References
Planetary LandscapesGreeleyChapman and Hall, 1985
Star Names, Their Lore and MeaningAllenDover, 1963
Star Myths of the Greeks and Romans: A SourcebookCondosPhanes, 1997
The New Patterns in the Sky, Myths and Legends of the StarsStaalMcDonald and Woodward Publishing Co., 1988
A Dictionary of Modern Star NamesKunitzsch and SmartSky Publishing, 2006
Coffee Table Photographic Collections
Full MoonLightAlfred A. Knopf, 1999
Capturing the StarsGendlerVoyageur Press, 2009
GalaxiesFerrisSierra Club Books,
Setting-up a Small Observatory From Concept to ConstructionArdittiSpringer, 2008
More Small Astronomical ObservatoriesMooreSpringer, 2002
Building a Roll-Off Roof Observatory, A Complete Guide for Design and ConstructionHicksSpringer, 2009
The Dobsonian Telescope, A Practical Manual for Building Large Aperature TelescopesKriege and BerryWillmann-Bell, 1997
Star Testing Astronomical TelescopesSuiterWillmann-Bell, 2008
Star GazerSmithsonianDK Publishing, 2005
A Child's Introduction To The Night SkyDriscoll and HamiltonBlack Dog & Leventhal, 2004